Street Art – Monumental fresco lille


Street Art - Fresco of 65m2 (FR - Lille)

16x4m mural entitled "Shoot & Run",

From canvas to brick

For more than 15 years now, Amaury Dubois has been freezing life in motion through artworks rich in colour and emotion, imbued with his signature, “courbism”.

After having laid them on numerous canvases, it is now the characteristic brick of the North of France where he comes from, that the artist has tackled!

It is a fresco of no less than 16 meters long that he proposes us to discover today. For this new Street Art challenge, Amaury Dubois chose not to use aerosol cans. The entire fresco, made directly from the brick, was painted using only brushes, 4 to be precise!

A real feat that required a little less than 1 month of work, for a result as breathtaking as it is captivating.

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Whether it is thanks to the universe straight out of a far-west which only the artist has the secret, by the infinite curves taking us to the discovery of a multitude of details or through the explosion of colors of this urban artwork, it is impossible not to abandon oneself to contemplation and reverie in front of these 16 meters of life and emotion.

Bespoke reproduction of the painting “Shoot and Run” initially measuring 162×114 cm, the duel opposing a sheriff to the colours of life now delights every day the inhabitants of the Metropole of Lille and in particular the customers and employees of the Catteau company, sponsor of this fresco.

Weary of passing every morning in front of this immense brick wall located at the entrance of his company, Fabrice Catteau wanted to bring light and life to it, thus offering everyone a real parenthesis of emotions at each passage. The work of art, accessible from the street, is visible to all and at any time of the day or night thanks to a lighting system created specifically for it.

You want an Urban Art Project ?

“It was new and exciting as well as to exchange with the company’s staff.
A beautiful light, the perspective of a far-western panorama, the explosion of colours…”

colorful big street art fresco in Lille
colorful big street art fresco in Lille
colorful big street art fresco in Lille
colorful big street art fresco in Lille