Amaury Dubois in the book "Leaders in Contemporary Art"

Published on 2019-10-04

Amaury Dubois in the book Amaury Dubois in the book    
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In 2019, Amaury Dubois has been selected to be featured in the book Curatorial Volume.1 Leaders in Contemporary Art.

This book, edited and realized by Cpasule Book, is a full guide of all international leaders in contemporary art, mostly used by the big communication actors of nowadays (communication agency, advertising argency, artistic directors, brand marketing directors, ...)

It is truly an honour and the artist is proud to be featured beside other artists from all other the world in this reference book !


The artworks spotlighted in the book : 

Pêche de nuit à Antibes - a real reinterpretation of Picasso's famous artwork

Shoot and Run - an artwork transporting you in the univers of far-west and cowboys through the artist"s point of view. It has been the object of a 16 meters fresco, to discover soon !

Elevation - an abstract painting, full of colours and light, achieved in 2018


All sales profits are donated to the association Book Aid International.

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