Art photography

Art photo signed and limited by Amaury Dubois

A new opus of the genre, this series of resolutely contemporary art photos shows the essence of Courbisme applied to the photography. A hybrid representation and ultra-realistic, this collection is the perfect combination of a number of photography brought together by the artist. These works then make an unreal reality transcended by the meticulous work of fluids. To capture, with the lens, these frozen moments and to bring them back to life, to draw the invisible that surrounds us: these curves seems to be in the full act of creation, changing. So these stereotypes show the movement of air, liquids, water, wind and appropriate all these different energies in which we operate. A part of us lives in these abstract curves and a part of them lives in something else... A framed and numbered limited edition, these art photography would prove to be an excellent choice for your ideas of escape. From New York to the Flemish dunes, let yourself be soothed by this slightly surreal photographic journey.