Newspaper article about the french painter Lille

Published on 2012-12-29

Newspaper article about the french painter Lille    
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 All smiles at Amaury Dubois, 32, of France, whose works sell all around the world. His mind constantly boiling spring original, dynamic and colorful compositions.

"In my head, it crackles, it explodes, it's like a magic ball that bounces at 1,000 kph in a 30 cm box! It's good when it stops", says Amaury Dubois, a painter with a more than fertile imagination. This energy, he has been spending it for some time. "When I was very small, I devoured reams of paper, I redid all the illustrations of the books I borrowed from the library". At 17, Amaury began to paint, and his internal squash ball stopped its bouncing around. "I was happy painting, I was channelling all my energy". This vital energy, the emotion that he visualises and reproduces on canvas. Reality is transformed into scenes where forces slip and slide around, in perpetual motion. And between the mental image and the canvas, no loss of shape or colour.
"A hardened character" Amaury creates in his chaotic studio, away from his black and white house, which is immaculately kept. With music (rock). "When I sit on my stool in front of the canvas, I know where I am going, I am guided, drawn along by something. I'm just the manufacturer. When I lift the brush and stand back, I feel almost incapable of having painted what I have just painted". The driving pleasure to paint, he says this with calm determination. "I have a pretty strong character. I could never stand to be told how to manage my life". Amaury Dubois was born (in Croix) into a family with artistic talents, but which were reserved for leisure. His parents, who still live in Bondues, where he grew up, watched with concern his penchant for an artistic career. The young man studied design at Saint-Luc in Tournai. He exhibited for the first time when he was 20, but made a living from web design, and even spent three years working in "research and development" in la Redoubt.
In 2010, he left his job, started taking risks, even if his parents have always supported him. "I painted at the same time, I was exhausted and I was missing orders, exhibitions etc. "In short trousers, Amaury approached a reputable gallery in Knokke-Heist, which warned him: "I only take on well-known people". To help the artist, he agreed to exhibit three paintings from the Northerner, which sold in a fortnight.
That was over three years ago. Since then Amaury Dubois has been permanently exhibited in the Knokke gallery. The Belgian press has cited his work, placing it on the same level as Warhol and Koons. A triptych "A la flamande, avec une très belle lumière centrale" was commissioned this year by a collector close to a Belgian Minister. Other collectors, in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United States, Brazil, and also France, buy his paintings.
His style, very contemporary, is a hit. The flowing lines, the transparency of its backgrounds, are coupled with patient work on colour, rooted in the Flemish tradition. Amaury actually paints only in oils. "The colours are more elegant, vibrant.
"They require a slow approach which is to his taste, as one who captures quivering moments of life, as if he were "cutting a piece of film"?

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